Saturday, October 3, 2015

2016 Printable Personal Planners... DONE!

It's October and TIME to grab your 2016 Planners!! Truth be told, many have been BEGGING for the updated planners since school started - I think seeing calendars containing events through next June gets organized people like us in a huffy when we don't have somewhere CUTE to write it down! Hahaha!!  So - I'm thrilled they are finally done!


If you are new to my Personal Planner... here's a little peak at the goodness you'll find inside.  First, the 2-page monthly spread has lots of room for writing in all kinds of events and appointments + extra space for notes and jotting random things down.  Then - after each monthly spread - is a 2 page weekly spread for each week during that month.  What I love about this layout - is you have plenty of "daily" space for writing to do's and appointments... but the 4 weekly "To Do" spaces allow you to manage multiple areas of your life in one glance.  It's great for recording things you need to be thinking about and getting done that week - but that don't necessarily fit into a particular day.  I use these spaces differently each week... but typically, I use one for work, one for home/family, one for my volunteer work at church and the other for whatever random project I have going on (like planning a birthday party or helping with an event at school).  I LOVE how this layout lets me truly see EVERYTHING I have going on during the week!

Of course, there are other awesome pages throughout the planner as well.  Lots of notes pages, personal contacts, a place for keeping business cards, annual at-a-glance calendars, "look ahead" planning and more.  Also, each planner comes with a coordinating set of printable sticker tabs.  Just print on full sheet sticker paper, trim and adhere to the appropriate pages.  Or... print on card stock, fold and staple in place - they make navigating your planner a cinch + add a super fun splash of color!

If you are ready to take a closer look, head over to my shop!

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

{GIVEAWAY} PRINTED General Conference Study Journal!

I went a little bit crazy when I printed my journals up this week... I just couldn't help myself and I ended up with an extra!! So - I thought... I should give this one away!!  There are FOUR ways to enter... entries will close tomorrow at 2PM EST (earlier than the widget is showing) so I can get it in the mail to the winner!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

UPDATE!! we have a WINNER!!  Congrats to Miss Jamie Jenkins!! Thanks to everyone who entered - I got an awesome glimpse of how much you guys LOVE a fun giveaway! You have my promise that I'll start doing them WEEKLY!

smile emoticon
Never fear if you didn't win... you can still grab the file from my shop (HERE)! Just print and either spiral bind or put in a 3 ring binder - it's that simple! Be sure to use COLETTE at checkout to save 20% - or if your order is $10+ use CANVAS30 to save 30%! Thanks for a great giveaway - the participation literally made me giddy! 

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Good luck!!

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Saturday, September 26, 2015

NEW "Think Pink" Breast Cancer Bottle Cap Images

I'm so (SOOOOO) excited about this!! Fizzy Pops (my favorite spot to buy beads and bottle cap supplies) reached out and asked if I would design some bottle cap images for Breast Cancer Awareness... and if I would mind if they included a printed 4x6 of it in EVERY shipment going out during the month of October... !!  

Ummmm. Yes.  I would LOVE that!! So I got to work and this is what I designed!

PS... If you need to place an order - definitely do it now so you can get the free 4x6 in your order!
(and be sure to also use CANVAS10 to save 10%)!

I'm always looking for an excuse to get my beads out... so this was the first thing I made up. I found the pink ribbon bead at Joann's and knew it would be the perfect accent!  You can get the crystal bead, the striped ones and the pink pearl beads from Fizzy... as well as the bottle cap, epoxy sticker and the jump rings I used to link them all together.  

For a tutorial on how I make these you can check out THIS post. 

You certainly don't have to be a beading expert and don't have to add beads if you don't want to - simple is beautiful as well.  I found the hope and the sister charms at Michaels, they are very easy to connect when using split rings - no tools necessary.

Of course, if you already have a stash of bottle cap supplies and just need the images - I've got the listing in my shop {HERE}.  Feel free to use this design for local fundraising efforts if needed for a friend or loved one.  I'm proudly married to a two-time survivor of cancer... and thoughtful mementos like this helped us feel the cheering of our team, even when the days felt dark.  I was thrilled to design this and definitely plan to do the same for more cancer colors... ♥

Much love,

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

{NEW} LDS General Conference Study Journal

If you have notes from General Conference in random notebooks, or just want to do a better job taking notes... this Study Journal is perfect for you! First... the fun covers will inspire you!! They are adorned with 32 AWESOME quotes from April 2015 and October 2014! 

Next... is the Personal Questions page, inspired by President Uchtdorf's quote!

Then... you have the note taking spread - I like to think the right side is for notes while listening, then the left side is notes while studying.  If that second page scares you... no worries, just leave it out of your notebook and only use the first page if that's more your style!


PS... You can use COLETTE to save 20% off or use CANVAS30 to save 30% if your purchase is $10 or more!  

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

General Conference Quotes: April 2015

Wow.  I finally finished them!! I typically do my quotes right on Conference Weekend, but with April's Sessions falling on the Easter Holiday - it wasn't a difficult choice to set them aside and spend the time with my family instead.  Then, as I began to study the talks in preparation for October's Sessions - I was so inspired by them that I couldn't hold back any longer!  When a quote touches me - the design, the colors and the fonts just bring themselves together.  It's always a deeply spiritual experience as I create each one... needless to say, these last few days I've been well fed.  A spiritual boost I definitely needed... and I'm looking forward to conference now more than ever!  I hope you enjoy them... I hope I made up some of your favorites too! ♥

If you would... please PIN your favorites as you go, then download at the bottom!

Each quote is saved as a 5x7 JPEG {perfect for photo printing}.  They make great lesson handouts, VT gifts, framed art for your home or desk or are wonderful in an album!

I already made up the poster versions too... DOWNLOAD HERE!

You might also be interested in my LDS Presidency Planners for 2016... available {HERE}


Enjoy the prints!

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

2016 YW Themed Bottle Cap Images - PRESS FORWARD!


It's September - and you know what that means!! Creative types like me are hunkered down in our craft rooms; busy working on the newly announced LDS Themes for 2016!  And, OF COURSE, as soon as my 2016 YW Planners were done I had to get rolling on new bottle cap images!  I am loving these colors, they are a unique combination I haven't used before and I'm thrilled with how they turned out!

What makes "Press Forward" Bottle Caps Crafts so great...?

Birthday gifts for your YW
★ Great "drop by" gifts for inactive girls
★ Perfect favor for big events like New Beginnings
★ Fun project for a craft night activity or for CAMP!

If you are a bottle cap pro, you can skip this post and head straight to my shop to grab the file - then be sure to skip over to Fizzy Pops to snatch up your supplies (use CANVAS10 to save 10%)!  

If you are new to bottle caps or would like more ideas and tips - read on... :)

First thing to know... is your bottle cap images come as 4x6 photo files that you an either print at home (on a 4x6 photo print setting) or order them from your favorite photo lab like Sam's or Costco. Personally, I print mine at home on glossy photo paper from the Dollar Store.  Next, you'll need a 1" round craft punch to punch them out.  You COULD trim with scissors, but that would take forever - save yourself the time and grab a punch with your next Michaels coupon!

You'll also need E6000 Glue (found at any craft store), it's made for attaching things to metal - other glues will not work. Trust me, I've tried.  And, of course, you'll need your Fizzy Pops Supplies - bottle caps and epoxy stickers!  I will say that I've bought these from several sources on Etsy and Amazon - and Fizzy Pops has SUPERIOR quality and they are the ONLY ones I recommend.  Their stickers are thick and firm - which gives your bottle cap a very, very nice dome finish.  All others I tried were thin, flimsy and yellowed.  Eeewwww!

When you are shopping at Fizzy - be sure to check out the DIY Kits where you get the stickers with the bottle caps (or purchase them separately if you prefer).  Keep in mind whether you want necklaces, key chains or zipper pulls.

Bottle Cap projects can be as simple or complex as you'd like.  To make the necklace, it's literally just punch, stick and glue.  Done.  Using beads or adding charms takes a bit more time and expense.  I LOVE this heart arrow charm I found {HERE} - super inexpensive, just $2.45 for 10.  If you love the beaded zipper pull - perfect for hanging on a church bag, backpack or scriptures - I did a pretty detailed tutorial on my blog a while back that has pictures, instructions and lots of links to where I buy my beads!

One last link... if you are ready to grab your images, visit my shop HERE!

Happy Crafting!

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

2016 Relief Society Planners - NOW Available!!

The fifth and final installment of my 2016 LDS Planners is now available in my shop!  If you've used it in years past and want to skip the post... visit my shop HERE to grab yours now!

If you are new to my LDS Planners - here's a quick tour of the highlights!  First - there is a planning section for each month.  It includes a title/divider page, a dated calendar (that has US Holidays + major Church-wide events), a weekly planner for meeting notes and to do's and a 2 page planning spread that will help you keep track of everything from Sister Concerns to Surgeries, Babies, Callings, Moves, Visiting Teaching, Stake Events and more!  To finish out the section an extra page of notes is included for keeping notes in other meetings like Ward Council.  What I love the most about my LDS Planner Collection is it helps Presidencies effectively see each area they have stewardship over so nothing (and no one) falls through the cracks.

In addition to the monthly sections - there are also contact pages, at a glance calendars, look ahead planning sheets and lots of extra notes pages.  I also include a sheet of divider tabs - simply print on sticker paper, trim and attach... or print on regular paper and attach with staple.  It makes navigating your planner a cinch!

You'll also find sections for planning Super Saturday, the Annual Birthday Social and the Christmas Social.  There is also a section for smaller activity planning as well.  New this year is a budget section which should help you stay on top of your expenses.  

One thing I love about this planner - is you can also create modified planners for other leaders within your organization.  Think about the RS Committee Chair, for example.  By printing her the calendars, the weekly to do pages + the activity planning sections... you've created a custom planner just for her!  So, be sure to think outside the box a bit and use the interior pages as needed throughout your ward organization!

One last tip... you can either bind it all together to function like a planner - OR just three hole punch and put in a binder. If you are ready to grab yours... here's the link {2016 RS Planner}!

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Friday, September 4, 2015

2016 Chorister & Activity Day Planners!

I've been a busy little beaver this week and added two new planners to my shop today!!  This time it's the 2016 versions of my Primary Chorister Planner and my Activity Days Planner... it's the same great layout, fun new cover!  I also added US Holidays and major Church Wide Events (like General Conference) to the Calendars.  If you've been waiting... feel free to skip this post and head straight to my shop!!

Here's a little sneak peak inside the Activity Days Planner... you've got Monthly Sections that include dated calendars and activity planning pages.  You've also got Attendance, Birthday Trackers, Annual Calendars, Personal and Group Progress Trackers, Expense Tracker and more!

Get more details HERE!

The Primary Chorister became a fast favorite when I first released it last year... so I stayed true to the original layout which includes monthly sections with dated calendars + ample space for jotting down notes, ideas and plans for building a creative Singing Time for your Primary Kids.

Get more details HERE!

I'm now almost done with my LDS Planners... RS is next!

Happy Printing!!

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