Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Patriotic Bottle Caps!

I LOVE joining up with Fizzy Pops and Artsy Fartsy Mama for fun and unique projects!!  With the 4th right around the corner... Lindsay tackled Patriotic Accessories and this is what she came up with using the July Image from my Annual Bottle Cap Collection!  

She didn't stop there... and with beads from Fizzy - she made these too!  Are you dying?!!  Hop on over to ARTSY FARTSY MAMA for the tutorials AND to enter a giveway to win all of the supplies to make your own Patriotic Accessories just like these!

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015


There's so much going on in society right now... it troubles me how quickly biblically sound and traditional moral values are constantly devalued in politics and media (and how I can't even check out at the grocery store without being blasted by it). So, in an attempt to raise my voice using the SAME RIGHTS... I believe in the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman. I also believe that God has divinely created us, individually, as men and women for specific and eternal purposes. I understand that my beliefs are not shared or practiced by all... but it's important for EVERYONE (not just celebrities, political figures and the media) to stand up and state or defend their beliefs... even if it's not the popular opinion or going to land on the cover of a magazine. I have chosen to practice tolerance for the beliefs and choices of others; I hope and pray in return, that the same consideration and tolerance for my beliefs can be given. heart emoticon

To download this and other quotes... click HERE.

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Printable PERSONAL PLANNER: June 2015 to June 2016

They are FINALLY ready!! YAY!!!  Same great planner you guys have enjoyed year after year, but with a collection of fun new covers to choose from!  This edition is 13 months, it runs June 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016!

ON SALE NOW through Sunday... then back to $12.50!

A few things to point out if you are new to my Personal Planner... Each month has a two-page monthly calendar with lots of extra places to jot down notes and reminders.  In-between the monthly pages are weekly planning spreads.  Each day there is tons of room to record appointments, to do's and reminders + in the lower part of the page, you have 4 "To Do" Sections.  Each week, I label these areas based on what I have going on.  Typically I have one for family items, work, church and whatever special project I have going on that week (like a party, event, home project, etc.).  I love the way this list section works - as I have lots of to do's every week, but they are not necessarily assigned to particular days - so this lets me see not only what's in store each day... but gives me a place to manage several areas in my life all in the same glance.  I think this is the single biggest reason it's my best selling printable and most viewed item in my shop. Like... EVER! :)

Of course, there are also other gems that make this a complete package deal!  There's at a glance annual calendars, note pages, printable sticker tabs, contact pages and more.  

Happy Planning, my friends!!

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

{NEW} Mother's Day Bottle Cap GIVEAWAY!!

I severely underestimated the popularity of the Teacher Bottle Cap Images that I released earlier this week... and was astounded at the requests for a Mother's Day Set!  Man... you guys love these little circles of cuteness as much as I do!  Of course... you can make all the fun goodies with this set as usual (necklaces, key chains, zipper pulls and magnets) + I also included a 4x6 gift card, just like the teacher set.  For suggestions on where to get your bottle cap supplies and tips/instructions for how to make your bottle caps, please check out these posts here and here. :)

To launch this new set, I thought it would be fun to do a giveaway!  I KNOW y'all love my beaded key chains, so instead of making just one for myself - I made two!  One is for me and one is for you!  To enter for a chance to win the extra one... use the Raflecopter entries below!  I'll close the entries at 12 Midnight on Wednesday (5/6), then will announce the winner Thursday morning and get it mailed out so my winner can have it hopefully by the weekend (to use for herself or to give as a gift)!

In the meantime... be sure to visit my shop to grab the whole set so you can also make some up yourself!

Good luck!!

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Two New Subway Arts!

I've had a little bit of a "Subway Art Bug" lately and these are my two newest creations!  I started with a new, more sophisticated LDS Baptism Subway Art - a much better option for Youth and Adult Converts - since the Primary Version is more of a cutsie "It's Great to Be Eight" theme. Of course, this version can certainly be used for Primary aged kiddos as well!  You'll find it {HERE} in my shop...

Then - in an effort to breathe some cuteness into my laundry room... I whipped up this fun one!

Oh sooo many projects... so little time! ♥

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

{NEW} Teacher Appreciation Bottle Cap Images!

It's that time of year!!  Time to show appreciation for our favorite teachers!!  I knew I wanted to design a set of bottle cap images for teachers - but I wanted to add a bit more functionality and gift-ability to the set.  So, although you can make necklaces, key chains or my favorite - beaded zipper pulls (which are all fabulous ideas) - I decided to make mine into a set of magnets with a printable gift card!  What teacher doesn't need more magnets in the classroom?!!  That makes this set not just fun, but totally functional!

Suggested supplies are pretty much the same as all of my other bottle cap printables.  You'll want to print your bottle cap sheets at home as 4x6 photo prints OR order them from your favorite photo lab.  For best results printing at home, I use glossy photo paper from the Dollar Store, then set my printer to it's BEST quality print setting.  Next, I recommend ordering Bottle Caps and Epoxy Stickers from Fizzy Pops (they are the best quality around)... and pick up some magnets, E6000 glue and clear 4x6 envelops at your local craft store (I got mine at Michaels).  If you've done bottle caps before, you probably already have your 1" round punch on hand; also found online or at a craft store.

* As a side note... you can use CANVAS10 on the Fizzy Pop Website to save 10%!

First things first... get your cute little images punched.  Then, carefully adhere them to the Epoxy Sticker, image side up.  I like to line them up with my fingers like this, then just "shimmy" them together so they line up perfectly. Once the image is attached, really press the back with your fingers or even slide a credit card over to smooth it out and make sure you have a nice application.

Next, use your glue to attach the domed images to the bottle cap - a small dab is plenty.  I use E6000 Glue for a specific reason - it's formulated to attach to metal.  Other glues will not hold and will peal easily.  Then, attach your magnets with the E6000 as well for a nice strong hold.  Allow an hour or so to dry.  A couple of notes about this glue... it's got a strong odor, so work in a well ventilated area and keep out of reach of little ones.  I personally prefer buying the tiny tubes... they are much easier to work with and they are used up before they can dry out (at least around here anyway)!

If you want to use the card - lay the magnets out where you want them.  Necklaces and key chains can also be laid out and given on the card too... :)  I used glue dots to secure the magnet to the card so they stay in place and don't slip around... rubber cement might be good too.  I just wanted to use a glue that would peel off easily when the magnets were removed.

Then, I tied my favorite little bow from some baker's twine.

To finish it off, I just slipped the cards into the clear envelops and stapled the bow on the outside.  Turned out SO cute!!  I'm super excited for my kids to give these to their teachers this week!

To grab this printable... visit my shop {HERE}!


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Monday, April 13, 2015

Autism Awareness Bottle Caps + Subway & a GIVEAWAY!!

April is Autism Acceptance/Awareness Month and I was invited to team up with ChooChooSkadooRiley Blake Designs, Fizzy Pops and The Potter's Place to help raise awareness for Autism with an awesome giveaway!  My contribution to the giveaway are these super bright Autism Awareness Bottlecap Images... (found in my shop here) + a freebie image you'll find below... keep reading to find the link!

And, this subway, inspired by Katie and her cute son (found in my shop here).

The giveaway includes a full set of my Autism Bottle Cap Images, a bundle of fat quarters from the Pieces of Hope 2 Collection, the full set of images from my Autism Awareness Subway, Fizzy Pops is contributing two sets of 10 bottle caps & epoxy stickers + the winner will also get the April Potter Pack (which by the way, also includes my Rainbow Print)!  To read more about Autism Awareness, this giveaway and Katie's Journey with her son... please hop over and check out her blog {here}!  Katie brought us all together... be sure to follow her, she also shares amazing sewing and craft projects as well!

To enter, simply use the Rafflecopter below... and even if you aren't personally affected by Autism or know much about it, please enter anyway and if you win - you'll have an awesome package to send to someone you know who will be very touched by it's contents.

As a special thank you for all who enter and participate, please also download your bottle cap freebie... you'll find the "I  Someone with Autism" image (shown in the picture above) in my freebie library (here).  Good luck with the drawing... now go get all of your entries!!

Have a great day!

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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Keep Calm & Watch Conference!

Hello, dear friends!!  

It's finally April and time for the Spring Sessions of LDS General Conference!  This session... I've decided to delay the release of the quotes I design.  Since I've been doing these collections, Easter and Conference haven't coincided together like they do today.  Last night, stress overcame me greatly as I tried to focus on prepping our holiday traditions (cooking, eggs, baskets + Conference)... yet looming in the background like a crash to my party was also the stressful desire to work on quotes.  Oh, if there were only 50 hours in a day!  So, I made a decision last night to give this weekend to my family.  Designing a complete set of quotes as I've done in the past is a 12 hour project and I just couldn't rob my family of that time on such a special day, a day meant for personal reflection of our Savior and his Resurrection.

I will get to them though... please know that my note taking certainly won't cease and my notebook is already full of amazing quotes and powerful reminders.  I have several outside commitments in the coming weeks - so my goal will be to have them out within the next month or so.  It's my hope that when I do put them out, they'll be a sweet reminder of the things you learned and felt this weekend.  For updates and to watch for them to be released, be sure to follow on FB or Instagram... then check back here as well.  

For past Conference Quote posts on my blog, click {HERE}.

Much love...

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